Aaron Babier


I completed my PhD in operations research at the University of Toronto and now work as a Senior Applied Research Scientist in the Advanced Technology Group at ServiceNow.

My research interests broadly cover computational models that provide actionable insights for new contexts. These interests have led to me to combine predictive and prescriptive analytics to address real world problems. Specifically, I have focused my attention on computer vision and combinatorial optimization, which has helped me develop tools for personalized medicine in radiotherapy to treat complex cancers.

Selected publications

  1. Learning to optimize contextually constrained problems for real-time decision-generation
    Aaron Babier, Timothy C Y Chan, Adam Diamant, and Rafid Mahmood
    Accepted to Management Science, 2023
  2. OpenKBP-Opt: an international and reproducible evaluation of 76 knowledge-based planning pipelines
    Aaron Babier, Rafid Mahmood, Binghao Zhang, Victor G.L. Alves, Ana Maria Barragán-Montero, and 54 more authors
    Physics in Medicine and Biology, Sep 2022